You want to save money, but you do not know where to start, do you?

In order to guide you through this journey, Good Finance has worked out the step-by-step process for those who are starting to save money, building on what we have learned after conducting more than a thousand individual consultancies. Are you prepared to become a great saver?

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

If you are reading this text, you probably already know why you want to save money. Even so, a reflection is very important before taking any action. Without some goal, you will hardly have the motivation you need to save.

You plan to save money for what? Whether it’s for your future well-being, safety for your family or something that makes sense and matters to you. Know what you want. And the sooner you start saving money, the faster you’ll get at what you want!

Organization of your life

Organization of your life

Understand your current financial situation. What do you do with the money you earn every month? Do not know In this task, we created Good Finance to help you. In less than 2 minutes, you have all your accounts organized and categorized automatically.

Knowing the fate of your money, you need to reflect eleven more. Are you spending your money on what is important to you? After this analysis comes the next step

Planning your money

Planning your money

Now that you know what happens to the money that runs on your account each month, it’s time to put your plans together, or your budget.

Define what you plan to spend on each expense category you live with. Do not have a reference to the definition of values? Take your last month’s spending and your monthly income to build your plan for the month.

Application of your reservation

If you are already in this step, congratulations, you have already learned how to save money and you are on the right track. But move on. If your money is stuck in your account losing value, you have to make it pay off.

And we return to the reflection of the first step. For each person and goal, there are investments that can be better or worse.

Since you are starting out, we recommend that you worry more about saving. In these hours, saving can be a good ally (for the practicality of this application).

“What is the best bank to open a savings account?”

After a few months, with a larger reserve, you can search for other applications best suited to your goals.

The ideal of this step-by-step is to give you an initial orientation. But what we want is for you to turn these practices into true habits.

For this, the best we can offer you is Good Finance. Access our smart financial controller and keep your life always organized and your account always with money.

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