Great Escape to Batik Restaurant Bar in Seminyak Bali

Located in a busy area of Kayu Aya, BATIK Restaurant and Bar Bali is a great

escape from hustle and bustle of the city. The cosy dining ambiance will have diners wanting to stay beyond the meal.

Indulge in traditional Indonesian batik interiors refined in modern way. Not only the ambiance, guest could also enjoy the

beauty feast of Indonesian traditional cuisine presented in modern way.

Don’t miss out on any courses as there is an abundance of flavours and fragrance to experience. Pepes Ikan is a classic

Indonesian dish featuring grilled marinated mahi-mahi, wrapped in banana leaf and then served with yellow and white rice,

urab, and sambal. The marinated spices is absorb well to the fish, making it so delish in every bites.

Nasi Campur — a coned yellow and white rice served with various of Indonesian condiments is yet another winner from the

team at Batik. The condiments served such as spicy shredded chicken, potato patty, orak-arik tempe, sauteed vegetables in

yellow sauce, sambal matah, and crackers.

Batik’s Sate Ayam makes use of well marinated chicken in Indonesian spices. Served with traditional Indonesian fried rice

and peanut sauce, you will not want to stop eating.

For sweet tooth, do not missed Indonesian Dadar Gulung, this traditional street food snack is presented in a totally

beautiful stye. Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce is making the dish more addictive. Another Indonesian all ages

favourite sweets that also available is Pisang Goreng, the combination of crispy fried banana and vanilla ice cream works

really well. A simple dish that you cannot go wrong with.